Fiction writing makes me happy. It also makes me want to stick tacks in my eyes.

The Writer

I have been a knitter most of my life. It started with an impractical acrylic potholder for my mother when I was 8 and peaked in college, where I made my first legitimate project, a heavy Icelandic sweater. Having accomplished that, I immediately stopped knitting.

Knit Simple

Knitting Goodbye

"Knitting Goodbye" was first published in a collection of essays by professional writers that look at the enduring power of relationships to drive, haunt, empower, and enrich us.

Fits, Starts & Matters of the Heart: 28 True Stories of Love, Loss and Everything in Between

I’ve given a lot of gifts and purchased a lot of incidentals for my family, but I’ve never shopped for anything so enthusiastically received as the cup I bought my older son recently. Not a drinking cup—an athletic supporter cup.

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