Sarah has worked as a copyeditor on several projects with me, and each time has done fantastic work. She is excellent at what she does, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and very thorough—all of this, and she is fast as well. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a really fine copyeditor.

Margaret Lannamann, editorial director, O’Donnell & Associates

Sarah has edited textbooks, professional texts, monographs, journals, trade nonfiction, and web copy for a variety of publishers and clients, whose editors and staff have routinely praised her for her precision and punctuality. She is familiar with conventional editorial styles including AP, MLS, Chicago, and AMA, and works in Microsoft Word, Excel, and other standard software.

Clients include the following:

Aspen/Little, Brown
Bedford/St. Martin’s
Heinle & Heinle
Henry Holt
Houghton Mifflin ~ Cengage
JDK Design
O’Donnell & Associates
PWS Publishing
Ruttle, Shaw & Wetherill
Sage Publications
Twayne Publishers
Wolters Kluwer